Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vision Supper Wednesday August 5

Vision Supper Agenda


The purpose of every vision and planning supper is to connect with each other and to connect with vision.

7:00 PM

At The Woller’s

512 N 3rd Street #402

(Across from the coffeehouse)

Please bring a dish to share

If it is nice outside, we will be meeting on the roof

7:00 PM Eat

7:35 PM Group Question

When you want to be refreshed, what do you do?

7:55 PM The bulk of our time will be looking at what we are doing as a church and asking these questions. Is it helping people grow Spiritually? Is it helping people grow in community? Is it helping someone in need?






Refreshment connection

Discipleship group


Corner Coffee

8:30 PM Connects

Getting people started on intentionally connecting two other individuals or families doing something fun, twice a month

8:45 PM Here is the GUTS of this meeting:

What do you see that we do that would energize you to be more involved in or what do see that we don’t do that would energize you to be involved in.

9:20 PM Closing Prayer Time

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vision Supper Agenda

Vision Supper Agenda
At The Woller's
675 N 1st Street #119, Minneapolis
7:00 PM

The Purpose of a Vision Supper is to connect with each other and to connect with vision.

7:00 PM Eat together:
We will be having a pot-luck meal. Please bring something to share
If you need ideas on what to bring, contact Amber 612 978 9203

7:35 PM Focused Prayer:

7:55 PM Share your story:
What is something that you really wanted to do and eventually did, and something you have really wanted to do and have never done?

8:20 PM Revisit last months agenda

8:35 PM Action steps needed to move forward on last months agenda items

8:50 PM Calendar events for summer 09
Build a list of events we would like to do. Delegate point people for each given event.

9:15 PM Second Site Update

9:30 PM Closing Prayer

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Site Meeting Agenda

Corner Church Second Site Meeting Agenda:

7:00 PM at the Waller’s:  675 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

You will need to use the building front door due to building construction

Use call box to get buzzed in


7:00             Focused Prayer


            Prayer for people of second site community

            Prayer for plan for second site

            Prayer for discernment for what community to pursue

            Prayer for team that will launch second site

            Prayer for finances to launch second site


7:25            Not helping Scott, but building our church


7:35            Review Demographics for Loring Park area and St Anthony Main area


            Data collected


            What people know and have seen


7:55            Review Action Step Board


Review actions steps that have been accomplished to date


When we look over the action step board it is easy to see that there are a number of gaps that need to be filled.  Fill in action steps


Set action steps for next 30 days


8:30            Generic Church Series


            People to share their Corner Church stories for all 8 services on the 26th and 3rd


8:40            Review Personal Action steps


8:45            Set update meeting time


8:50            Close in prayer



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vision and Planning Meeting Agenda (04-01-09)

Vision and Planning Meeting Agenda

04-01-09 - 7:00 PM

At the Woller’s

675 N 1st #119 Street, Minneapolis MN

The goal of every Vision and Planning Supper is that we will connect with each other and connect with the Corner Church vision while walking away with specific actions steps.

7:00 PM

Eating together (This will be a pot luck meal.  Please bring a dish to share.  For ideas about what to bring feel free to contact Amber at amber@cornerchurch.tv)

7:30 PM

Share a 2 minute or less time in your life when you felt something strongly.  Emotion, feeling, sensation…

8:15 PM

Scott share the five minute version of vision

8:25 PM

Being valued in community

            Needs or concerns voiced by our community:

                        Livability crimes

                        Children’s play area

                        Street trees

                        North Loop days (Connecting people with people)

Merging of community (River Side of North Loop and Farmer’s Market Side of the North Loop)

Brain storm how we can be an immediate and long term asset regarding these expressed needs 

Assign roles and tasks along with action steps

9:05 PM

Second Site Update

9:20 PM

Focused Prayer





Serving My Prison Time

I just read a brief news paper article about a pastor from Wisconsin who was fined for shooting an arrow in a church service.  No I didn’t move to Wisconsin.  It does cause me to think...  How long would my prison sentence be?  Forget the fine.  Shooting tennis balls in a water balloon launcher… into the audience.  Lots of fire.  LOTS of fire.  Throwing people. Hitting people. Holding 200 pound rocks over people. Throwing TVs.  Throwing more TVs.  Being hit with a baseball bat.  Hitting people with a baseball bat.  FORGET THE FINE.  PRISON TIME.

All with the hope of seeing people become a more committed follower of Christ.  Would I do all these things again?  If it helps people see the bible as the living word of God…  If it encourages people to be closer to Jesus…  I would do them all.  Well maybe not hit the pregnant lady with a baseball bat, but the rest… no question.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a wild 3 weeks.  My family was sick, than I was sick.  (week one)  The Corner Church / Corner Coffee staff / family was sick and I covered a bunch of shifts.  (week two)  I spent the week coaching at a Church Planters Boot Camp.  (week three)  The thing that I am wrestling with today is that it is easy for me to always be in a busy season.  I usually say, even think that it is busy now, but it will slow down next week or next month or next year…  I need to work harder on building my to not do list.  It is hard because I love so many things.  I want to be involved in so many things.  I see benefit in so many things.  BUT…  Doing everything is not healthy for my marriage, my kids, my faith, my ministry…  Who am I to think that my involvement in EVERYTHING is key to what God is doing today.  It is possible to be lazy.  To watch Sports Center fifteen hours a day, but that is not my issue.  I need to trust more.  Trust that it is up to my savior, not up to me. 

I don’t have answers.  I am just working on it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Week At CC

Boot Camp

This week I am coaching at a Church Planter’s Boot Camp here in Minneapolis.  Boot camp may be strong wording.  There is not much yelling “YES DRILL SERGEANT,” but it is a week of intense training.

It was not to many years ago that church planters were given a slap on the back and sent on their way.  The slap may or may not have been meant as an encouragement.  Today church planting is viewed as an amazing tool of God.  Beyond that, it is kind of trendy.  The danger of a ministry being trendy is that it can draw people in apart from God’s plan.  That situation has the potential to hurt the planter and all people within his or her reach.  This thought should not deter people from planting, but reaffirm the urgency in seeking Jesus’ direction.

With these thoughts I am reminded that Jesus has a limitless human resource department.  Jesus using Amber and I in planting a new faith community is humbling and is an unbelievable honor.  I can’t believe we get to do this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Death by flu

Last week Abrea got the flu and I hoped she could tuff it out, Kaiya got the flu and I hoped she would suck it up, but then it was my turn, I wanted to die.  Empathy was a little easier in that moment.

We had almost thirty people over last Wednesday for our vision and planning supper.  It was great.  Connecting with each other and with vision and sharing the flu.  My apologies to all of you that contracted the Woller flu.  And because I had it too...  I empathise.

We will laugh about it all someday... For now it means that I am covering a bunch of shifts at the coffeehouse.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love the Church?

I want to.
I want you to.

Listen in on my current series where we work through how we can love church beyond just going to it...

Vision & Planning Agenda

Please Comment if you would like something added to this agenda.

Focus of a vision and planning supper:

Connect Corner Church people with each other 

Connect Corner church people with the vision of the church

Walk away with each person having specific action steps in connecting with people and/or with living out our vision.


Eat with each other (This is a pot-luck meal)

            Contact Amber if you need ideas on what to bring (amber@cornerchurch.tv)

Share your Spiritual turning point

Each person share a brief story of a Spiritual turning point in his or her life (At Corner Church or not, both are perfect)

Scott share the five minute vision

Cheryl share a Corner Coffee update

            Brainstorm business growth ideas

                        Set action steps and point people

            Brainstorm how to be a better asset to our community

                        Set action steps and point people

            Talk through the logistics of the Lunch On Us in July

                        Set action steps and point people

Scott share vision and update concerning second location

Form Second Sight Exploration Team

            Set Second Sight Exploration Team monthly meeting time

Relationship building and fun events for the spring


            Set tentative dates

            Designate point person for specific events

            Set action steps

Talk through specific prayer focuses concerning vision for Corner Church

            Delegate out specific prayer focuses

            Closing group prayer

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Future

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak together with John Trotter.  Each of us speaking half of the message.  The challenge wasn’t speaking with my friend, it was what we were talking about.  Real stuff…  We shared about how we are unable to fill the shoes of our future and that is OK.  Apart from Jesus’ reign fall short in figuring out where to go, fall short in knowing how to get there, and then to top it off we fall short in accomplishing once we get there.  The key is that this falling short ok when we are under His reign.  Not keeping our faith in our back pocket and pulling it out when we are desperate, but letting all aspects of our yesterday, today, and tomorrow be surrendered to Him.

Click here to listen in:

Thursday, January 29, 2009


There is maybe nothing more humbling than realizing that I am not good enough to be complete in life.  Well, maybe having some other tenants from our coffeehouse building come down to the basement to make sure everything is ok because they hear me wrestling a friend…  Humbling.  Besides that, it is hard to stomach falling short in any area of life.  I have been focusing on those areas in the current series “Unqualified.”  The reality that we need to understand is that we do fall short and that’s ok.  It is ok because of our living God.  He fills our given void.

Check out this week’s message as I deal with the issue of fixing people.  We are incapable of truly fixing people, and that’s OK.

Click Here To Listen In:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do We Have Something Unique?

I have found it very easy to dismiss God’s hand in building His church.  What does that really mean anyway.  Are we taking that too literally or not literally enough?  Jesus loves the church.  He is interested in putting it together.  I have no doubt of this.  I do wrestle with the reality that it is possible to “screw up church.”  We can.  That has to be a hard one for Jesus to swallow.

This said…  I am blown away by the people at Corner Church.  AMAZING.  How can a “random” group of people be so intriguing, interesting, talented, visionary, influential, genuine…  As I continually get to know our growing church family more and more, I ask the question, do we have something unique?  I am confident God is building our church.  Not a building, not a system, not an organization, but people.

I guess I am feeling honored to be a part of what Jesus has, is, and will do at Corner Church.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Future Questions

I have a couple of questions about living the life God has for us.  Sometimes seeing where something is, is more easily done by seeing where it is not…

1)  Do you think we miss God’s plans for our future more often by moving to quickly or by moving to slowly?

2)  Do you think we miss God’s plans for our future more often by trying to hard or by not trying hard enough?

3)  Do you think we miss God’s plans for our future more often by risking to much or by not risking enough?

4)  Do you think we miss God’s plans for our future more often by thinking and planning to much or by not thinking and planning enough?

5)  Do you think we miss God’s plans for our future more often by talking about them to much or by not talking about them enough?

I would love your feedback.  I am continuing to work on the series “Unqualified.”  I am focusing on the idea that we can’t fill the shoes of our future, and that’s OK.  If you have a minute, give me some feedback.

Comment here or email me at scott@cornerchurch.tv

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This week I continued on with the series Unqualified: I Can’t Fill These Shoes and That’s OK. This week we looked at the truth that we can’t fill the shoes of being a pleaser in life. Listen in on Sunday’s service as we talked through two things to get over and a realization about being a PLEASER.

Click here to listen.

Little Annoyances

This morning I had to run out of downtown to have coffee with a friend and I was reminded of the weight of little annoyances.  Not only their weight on me, but their weight on us all.  I think little annoyances have more impact on our world than we would like to admit.

As I was driving on the interstate out of downtown Minneapolis on the crazy cold morning the roads were spotted with black ice and were quit treacherous, but there were still a few drivers weaving in and out of traffic.  Annoying.  When I got to the coffeehouse that I was meeting at I saw a lady try to get in a door that was an emergency exit and when she realized her mistake she threw up her arms in visible disgust.  In this coffeehouse the door was hanging up on the rug and staying open.  I saw the same person get up and pull it shut at least five times.  On my way back to downtown I got behind a person that did not believe in making right turns on red.  No cars coming.  I could see that she was not even trying.  I was filled with road-rage.  On the interstate again I saw four cars spun on the side of the road.  As I creped by them, the drivers all had the same facial expression.  An expression I understand.  Defeated, annoyed, humiliated, trapped, and now late.  When I got back to our condo I drove into our parking garage and instantly the windows totally steamed up.  This happens when it is twenty below outside.  I crawled through the garage with my head hanging out the rolled down window.  Annoying.  Then finally after dropping our girls off at school I was trying to merge right in order to make a turn and a car visible accelerated in order to make this merge impossible.  Annoying.

I bet if I spent a whole day counting and recounting annoyances I could write not just a book, but volumes of books.  The reality that I am feeling is that it is easy to focus on the annoyances and that same focus compounds as I spot them and brew over them.  Have you ever felt sorry for the person that comes along innocently and feels the wrath of this focus?  I am sorry.  The list of people that have felt that from me is long. 

I need to quit taking little annoyances so seriously.  Laugh more.  Be more flexible.  Realize the scale of annoyance.  Stop grumbling…

When I get these out of balance I find it ruling my world.

Am I alone in this?  From what I saw today… I don’t think so.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This past Sunday I started a new series called “I Can’t Fill These Shoes, and That’s OK.”

I started out talking about the business of our lives.  Our culture embraces the idea that if we do more and more and more it will be better. What we find in that mentality is that we can’t fill the shoes of the constantly growing expectations. 

We can’t fill the shoes of life’s business, and that’s OK.

Listen in to the whole message.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Can't Fill These Shoes... and That's OK

Today I am starting a new series at Corner Church called “I Can’t Fill These Shoes and That’s OK.” I am the first to admit that it is very easy to try to be self sufficient. Talk about how we need God, but in action live as if He is a side note. When we see that we can’t fill the shoes of life fully without Him we are on the edge of a genuine faith. I am definitely learning.