Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vision Supper Agenda

Vision Supper Agenda
At The Woller's
675 N 1st Street #119, Minneapolis
7:00 PM

The Purpose of a Vision Supper is to connect with each other and to connect with vision.

7:00 PM Eat together:
We will be having a pot-luck meal. Please bring something to share
If you need ideas on what to bring, contact Amber 612 978 9203

7:35 PM Focused Prayer:

7:55 PM Share your story:
What is something that you really wanted to do and eventually did, and something you have really wanted to do and have never done?

8:20 PM Revisit last months agenda

8:35 PM Action steps needed to move forward on last months agenda items

8:50 PM Calendar events for summer 09
Build a list of events we would like to do. Delegate point people for each given event.

9:15 PM Second Site Update

9:30 PM Closing Prayer