Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Death by flu

Last week Abrea got the flu and I hoped she could tuff it out, Kaiya got the flu and I hoped she would suck it up, but then it was my turn, I wanted to die.  Empathy was a little easier in that moment.

We had almost thirty people over last Wednesday for our vision and planning supper.  It was great.  Connecting with each other and with vision and sharing the flu.  My apologies to all of you that contracted the Woller flu.  And because I had it too...  I empathise.

We will laugh about it all someday... For now it means that I am covering a bunch of shifts at the coffeehouse.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love the Church?

I want to.
I want you to.

Listen in on my current series where we work through how we can love church beyond just going to it...

Vision & Planning Agenda

Please Comment if you would like something added to this agenda.

Focus of a vision and planning supper:

Connect Corner Church people with each other 

Connect Corner church people with the vision of the church

Walk away with each person having specific action steps in connecting with people and/or with living out our vision.


Eat with each other (This is a pot-luck meal)

            Contact Amber if you need ideas on what to bring (amber@cornerchurch.tv)

Share your Spiritual turning point

Each person share a brief story of a Spiritual turning point in his or her life (At Corner Church or not, both are perfect)

Scott share the five minute vision

Cheryl share a Corner Coffee update

            Brainstorm business growth ideas

                        Set action steps and point people

            Brainstorm how to be a better asset to our community

                        Set action steps and point people

            Talk through the logistics of the Lunch On Us in July

                        Set action steps and point people

Scott share vision and update concerning second location

Form Second Sight Exploration Team

            Set Second Sight Exploration Team monthly meeting time

Relationship building and fun events for the spring


            Set tentative dates

            Designate point person for specific events

            Set action steps

Talk through specific prayer focuses concerning vision for Corner Church

            Delegate out specific prayer focuses

            Closing group prayer

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Future

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak together with John Trotter.  Each of us speaking half of the message.  The challenge wasn’t speaking with my friend, it was what we were talking about.  Real stuff…  We shared about how we are unable to fill the shoes of our future and that is OK.  Apart from Jesus’ reign fall short in figuring out where to go, fall short in knowing how to get there, and then to top it off we fall short in accomplishing once we get there.  The key is that this falling short ok when we are under His reign.  Not keeping our faith in our back pocket and pulling it out when we are desperate, but letting all aspects of our yesterday, today, and tomorrow be surrendered to Him.

Click here to listen in: