Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vision Supper Wednesday August 5

Vision Supper Agenda


The purpose of every vision and planning supper is to connect with each other and to connect with vision.

7:00 PM

At The Woller’s

512 N 3rd Street #402

(Across from the coffeehouse)

Please bring a dish to share

If it is nice outside, we will be meeting on the roof

7:00 PM Eat

7:35 PM Group Question

When you want to be refreshed, what do you do?

7:55 PM The bulk of our time will be looking at what we are doing as a church and asking these questions. Is it helping people grow Spiritually? Is it helping people grow in community? Is it helping someone in need?






Refreshment connection

Discipleship group


Corner Coffee

8:30 PM Connects

Getting people started on intentionally connecting two other individuals or families doing something fun, twice a month

8:45 PM Here is the GUTS of this meeting:

What do you see that we do that would energize you to be more involved in or what do see that we don’t do that would energize you to be involved in.

9:20 PM Closing Prayer Time