Thursday, March 26, 2009

Serving My Prison Time

I just read a brief news paper article about a pastor from Wisconsin who was fined for shooting an arrow in a church service.  No I didn’t move to Wisconsin.  It does cause me to think...  How long would my prison sentence be?  Forget the fine.  Shooting tennis balls in a water balloon launcher… into the audience.  Lots of fire.  LOTS of fire.  Throwing people. Hitting people. Holding 200 pound rocks over people. Throwing TVs.  Throwing more TVs.  Being hit with a baseball bat.  Hitting people with a baseball bat.  FORGET THE FINE.  PRISON TIME.

All with the hope of seeing people become a more committed follower of Christ.  Would I do all these things again?  If it helps people see the bible as the living word of God…  If it encourages people to be closer to Jesus…  I would do them all.  Well maybe not hit the pregnant lady with a baseball bat, but the rest… no question.


  1. I will never forget when you hit pregnant Jane with a baseball bat :) One of my favorite corner memories.

  2. Not my brightest moment. I would be the first to admit.