Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Site Meeting Agenda

Corner Church Second Site Meeting Agenda:

7:00 PM at the Waller’s:  675 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

You will need to use the building front door due to building construction

Use call box to get buzzed in


7:00             Focused Prayer


            Prayer for people of second site community

            Prayer for plan for second site

            Prayer for discernment for what community to pursue

            Prayer for team that will launch second site

            Prayer for finances to launch second site


7:25            Not helping Scott, but building our church


7:35            Review Demographics for Loring Park area and St Anthony Main area


            Data collected


            What people know and have seen


7:55            Review Action Step Board


Review actions steps that have been accomplished to date


When we look over the action step board it is easy to see that there are a number of gaps that need to be filled.  Fill in action steps


Set action steps for next 30 days


8:30            Generic Church Series


            People to share their Corner Church stories for all 8 services on the 26th and 3rd


8:40            Review Personal Action steps


8:45            Set update meeting time


8:50            Close in prayer



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